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Committee/Chefs: Nancy Winters – Chairwoman

Ridgie Barnet
Suzanne Hulme

As in all events, a lot more goes on than meets the eye. Each year the committee…

+ Design and order the Invitations – printed by Ron Michne of Westhampton Graphics, then stuff the envelopes and mail them to all members.

+ Decide on the decorations. The mums are provided by Kris at Homesite Florist. Set up tables and decorate on the day of the event.

+ Shop for hams, pies, ice cream, serving plates, napkins etc.

+ Cook the hams and slice them perfectly for serving, make the coffee, provide cider, bake the pies. slice them up and scoop on the ice cream!

+ Suzanne Hulme usually assists the speaker with audio visual ‘stuff’ and this year was no different. Her husband, Jim Hulme provided the musical program this year from The American Songbook. It was a wise move to provide us all with the words so we could sing along to the songs. These were wonderful songs we all think we know. But ha! ha! our memories are not so good!

+ The day of the event we have lots of help. The volunteers are Ellen Loos, Lauren Barlow, and this year Anita Romano and Cherie Magee helped too. Wes Winters pitches in in multiple places. (That’s what husbands are for, right)?

We are especially grateful to have the use of the beautiful hall at St. Marks Church. Their sexton, Chris, was very helpful.

Stephanie Davis and her husband Rich act as greeters at the door. And of course, our president, Bob Murray acts as our Master of Ceremonies.

Hope you were there to enjoy the evening with us. If not – be sure to add this event to your calendar next year!

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