The Jessup Lane Bridge Net Reel   


Winter's Net Reel Information Board

Winter’s Net Reel Information Board

Fisherman have long depended on strong, long lasting nets for their livelihood.  Nets in the 19th century were often made of natural material (flax, cotton, or hemp) that quickly rotted from exposure to water, fish and vegetation. Coating nets with tar and drying them between uses were common methods of slowing decay.

Today’s nets, made of synthetic materials resist rot well.  But net winders – large wooden reels like the one by the Jessups Lane bridge, once lined the shores near New England and Long Island fishing ports, lifting and spreading large sections of nets to be dried by the sun and wind.

This net reel has been restored and can be seen on the northern shore just east of the Jessup Lane Bridge. An information board was installed at the site with further details.