Foster-Meeker House Donor Honor Roll


Benefactor $5000+

Robert Medina
The O’Brien Foundation
Conklin and Rowe families

Patron $1000-$4,999

Arma Andon
Meredith and Robert Murray
Andrea Romano
Nancy and Wes Winters

Sponsor $500-$999

Stephanie Davis and Richard Baldwin in honor of Jean and Beecher Halsey

Contributor $250-$499

Jim and Bonnet Brophy
Helen Culver Scheider
Henry Gardiner
Blair Rogers
Kathe and Edwin Williamson
Nicholas and Nancy Sander
Eleanor Dix
Sanders Construction

Supporter $100-$249

Vicky Reynolds
Betty Ann Iseman
Bill and Carol Mathews
Joe Musnicki, Jr.
Hermon Bishop
Robert and Judith Burger
Grace Coady
Mazie Cox
James Doyle
Catherine Eidam
Nance Freeman
Chary and Jim Griffin
Louis and Pat Lowd
Nan Randall
Marion and Charles Raynor
Stacy and Rob Rubio
Scott and Berkley Skorobohaty
Amy VanTassel
Marian VanTassel
Harold Williams
Steve and Barbara Ramsey
Lois Davis
First Coastal Corp

Friend $50-$99

Dr. Janet Barr
Anne and Gregory Bernhart
Theodore and Ester Alpert
Christian Carter
John Comba
Peter and Nancy Cuthbert
Nancy Falconer
Wiliam and Vivianna Garbutt
Phil Gates
Ruth Harris
Jerome Hymann
Emily Jones
John Laadt
Norman Leavitt
Rose Loos
Marvin and Marion Raynor
Jane Rogers
Helen Shepherd
Randolph and Robin Sokel
Conrad Teller
Jim and Eileen Wooden
Owen Construction
Elizabeth Corker McCoy
Ann and Cristopher Gorycki
Excelsior P & H
Peter and Nancy Fenner
Zoe DeRopp
Diana Waldron and Richard Milner
Ruth Duvall
Ernest Davis
Lance and Carol Smith
Gail Clyma
Joan Derryberry

Donor Up to $50

Marion and Pascal Covello
Barbara Betts
Havey Beyer
Ellen DePazzi
Ridley Finch
Roseph and Margaret Giaquinto
Dorothy Kenny
Steve and Marsha Kenny
Catherine Loughlin
Ursula Lynch
Lillian Matson
Andrew and Jan Murphy
Ralph and Holly Hubbard
Bennett Brokaw
Lawrence Hough
Allan and Nancy Repp
Ann Kirsch
Alfonso Triggian
Kelly Harris
Isabella Kemp